5 Unique London Locations for Parties

5 Unique London Locations for Parties

We have been offering a bar hire in London service for many years now, and we have seen more and more event organisers trying to outdo each other with a unique venue that will really wow their guests. So, we have pulled together this list of our favourite unique London venues to give them some ideas:

Alexandra Palace

This venue really shouldn't need any introduction! Opened in Hackney, London in 1873 as 'The People's Palace.' it was designed as a great environment for Victorians to relax in. It is a Grade II Victorian building, situated within §96 acres of beautiful Parkland overlooking the famous skyline of London. There are also a number of private terraces and grassy areas that can be hired as part of your event which work perfectly for BBQ's and summer parties. Transport links are also fantastic, and there is free parking on site as well.

Cactus Kitchens

If you are a fan of Saturday Kitchen Live, then you may well recognise Cactus Kitchens as it sits above the set where the cookery show is filmed every weekend - in the eaves of a former chapel. These elegant yet relaxed surroundings are the perfect space for you to create a dynamic and engaging food centred event. Choose from one of their corporate cooking and team building classes, or build your own event drawing on the knowledge of the people on the site.

Cereal Killer Cafe

The unique interior of this cafe will certainly ensure your event stands out from the crowd. Featuring exposed brickwork, novelty cereal boxes and vintage milk bottles against a soundtrack of the 1980s and 1990s music, this quirky setting is perfect for events of all types. A great setting for a breakfast meeting, brand events or a product launch you can hire the whole cafe for just £6 per person.      

Hoxton Basement

The complete opposite of the madly decorated cafe, the Hoxton basement is a stripped back event space in east London. With whitewashed walls, lots of natural light, and a massive oak sliding door it works well for pop up shops, corporate events and dance parties - while there is also a second smaller room which is the perfect place for one of our bars.

Proud Cabaret City

This is one of the most unique locations in London, and somewhat unknown as well. With a speakeasy vibe, it is perfect for the most decadent of parties, as it exudes the glamour of a bygone era. With cabaret-style seating, booths and a dancefloor, you can also opt for a full stage/catwalk setup if need be.

For more information about our bar hire in London services, please give us a call on 01925 633131 or send us an email to enquiries@bars2you.co.uk if you prefer.

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