How to Host a Successful Outdoor Party

How to Host a Successful Outdoor Party

Hosting an outdoor party in the summer can be a lot of fun - if the weather is on your side. However, in order to ensure you enjoy your event, you may want to look at bar equipment hire and renting a bar, so that you can relax knowing that all your guests' refreshment needs are looked after. So, how do you plan ahead to make sure that your event goes well?

Important questions

When you are renting a bar to use outside, the company you use will probably have a couple of essential questions that they need the answer to, so you would be well advised to have the responses to these ready in advance.

  1. Is there running water outside?
    In an ideal world, the outside space will have running water so that you the bartender can clean their hands regularly, keep the bar clean and so on. If there is no running water, then you may want to provide them with a large jug full of water - but make sure you advise them of whether it is drinkable or not.

  2. Is there shade available? Even in England we sometimes have hot, sunny days and so it would be wise to have some kind of shade set up - not only for your guests but for the bar area itself. Having a bartender work in direct sunlight for a few hours is a sure-fire way for them to get sunburn. At Bars2You we have a gazebo for hire which is a great way to ensure the bar area stays covered and cool.

Bar Equipment You May Need

If you are providing refreshments for an outdoor event, it is slightly different than an event held indoors, and so you will need to consider the following list of bar equipment to hire.

  • Bar Towels - You don't want to be using all your best towels to clean up spills and so on, so make sure that the bartender brings with them some dark coloured bar towels.
  • Drip Mats - A lot of portable bars are made of Formica or other shiny material, and this means that once they get damp, the glasses and cups will start to slide about. Having a bar mat or two will make sure you have a non-slip surface available at all times. At Bars2You we have both small and large drip mats available to fit any size of the bar.
  • Ice Bucket - You may not have the power capability or space to have fridges running outside, so if you are planning on serving white wine or beer then you will need plenty of ice buckets. If you are using ice buckets, don't just add ice; make sure you add some water as well. This will help keep the wine cooler, and also make it much easier to get bottles in and out.
  • Bottle Bin - We also offer bottle bins (in blue or black) to make it easier to clear up after your guests - especially as they have wheels.
If you are planning an outdoor event this summer, and want to find out more about our bar equipment hire then please call our friendly team today on 01925 633 131 or alternatively you can email us at
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