Why Mobile Bar Hire is Perfect for Your Wedding

Why Mobile Bar Hire is Perfect for Your Wedding

There are many companies out there who will offer you a mobile bar hire service, but why are they becoming so popular? And why should you consider choosing one for your wedding? Here are our topreasonswhy you should consider one for your wedding:

Cater for Different Tastes

As well as offering cocktails, champagne and alcohol we can also provide you with a variety of soft drinks and mocktails to keep all of your guests happy- including the children.

Complements Your Theme

We have a wide variety of mobile bars for hire which can really complement your wedding or event theme, whether you are going for a rustic theme or an ultra-modern one.

Dress it Up

There are loads of ways you can make sure your mobile bar incorporates into your chosen event theme, including things such as personalise drinking straws, cocktail umbrellas and cordial flavourings as wedding favours.

Evening Entertainment 

Those guests who haven't been at your event all day, and are just attending the evening do may feel like they are missing out a bit. Get the bar staff on your mobile bar to jazz up their act in the evening, throwing the short bottles around andcreating some personalised cocktails to make evening guests feel special, and to keep the excitement going for those who have been there all day.

Go Outside

Having a summer wedding is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the great British outdoors, and you can do this to the fullest by setting up an outdoor area at your venue complete with your chosen mobile bar service. Talk to your venue about complementing this with a BBQ or outdoor buffet and think about adding some musical entertainers as well to get everyone in a party mood.

Keeps the Flow

Having a mobile bar service on hand for your wedding or event means that drinks will be on tap both day and night, ensuring everyone has access to a celebratory drink on your wedding day.

Photo Opportunity

Having a themed mobile bar at your event provides a great opportunity for your wedding photographer to take some amazing pictures. Get yourself behind the bar and pull a pint or pose with your other half and the first drinks poured - the opportunities are endless.

Takes the Strain

If you have chosen a venue with an indoor bar, then you may think that you do not need to consider a mobile bar for hire, but just stop and consider your number of guests for a minute. You want to keep them happy and enjoying the evening, so the last thing you want is a queue at the bar. If you hire a mobile bar as well, you are offering your guests a choice of places to order their drink and taking the strain off the indoor bar at the same time.

It's not every day you get to host your very own dedicated drinks service, so why not add a mobile bar to your next event and make the most of it? To find out more about our bars and the services we include, please call us on 01925 633131 or send us an email to enquiries@bars2you.co.uk

  • May 15, 2018
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